The Church Dynamic: Hebrew Foundations for Christian Community


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The believers whom God summoned to partner with him in communicating the good news of his plan to redeem humanity were always a sharing, learning, and worshiping community. The Holy Scriptures reveal these chosen people who were redeemed by the Almighty and translated into the kingdom of God, noting that they first united in fellowship with God and others, then dedicated themselves to acquiring knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, and finally devoted themselves to bearing witness to the one God and worshiping him with all their heart, soul, and strength.

The Church Dynamic: Hebrew Foundations for Christian Community provides an in-depth analysis of this biblical faith community by examining the texts of Scripture that speak of the called-out ones and the dynamics of their interaction with God and with one another. By locating the Christian church in the first-century Jewish milieu from which it emerged, this book uncovers long-obscured Hebrew truth and affirms the bedrock foundations on which the faith of Jesus and the apostles was built.

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