Course Contributors

HCC professors representing are some of the most outstanding scholars in the world in the disciplines of Christianity’s Hebraic Roots and Christian-Jewish Relations have created the academic courses of study that are designed to create a solid foundation on which you can build.

Marvin Wilson, Ph.D.

Dr. Marvin R. Wilson served as the Harold J. Ockenga Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts, until his retirement in 2019.  He holds the B.A. from Wheaton College (IL) with honor; M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with highest honor; M.A. and Ph.D. from Brandeis University in the field of Semitics and Mediterranean Studies. He previously served on the faculty of Barrington College, where he chaired its Department of Biblical Studies.  At Gordon College, Dr. Wilson’s teaching specialty is Old Testament, Jewish Studies and the Hebraic origins of Christianity.

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Dwight A. Pryor, Th.D.

Dr. Dwight Pryor was the Founder and President of the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies. Dr. Pryor’s academic credentials included a Bachelor of Arts degree, with Special Distinction, in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, extensive postgraduate studies in Philosophy and Judaism from the University of Texas, and a Doctor of Theology degree from the Centre for the Study of Biblical Research in Redlands, California.  He was a founding member of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research, and his many years of association with seminal Jewish and Christian scholars in Israel provided him with penetrating insights into the life, lan­guage, and teaching of Jesus (Yeshua).

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Rev. Isaac C. Rottenberg

Rev. Isaac C. Rottenberg was born in London, England,was baptized in the Presbyterian Church, and from age three lived in the Netherlands. After the Nazi occupation of Holland, which led to the death of many of his relatives and friends, including his father, Isaac studied law at the University of Leiden. In 1948, he and his wife Malwina, who had spent several years in a Nazi concentration camp, moved to the United States where he studied theology. Isaac wrote from a broadly Reformed perspective, but over the years he maintained close relationships with leaders in Evangelical, Roman Catholic, and Jewish circles.

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Chana Safrai, Ph.D.

Dr. Safrai received her M.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed her Ph.D. at the University of Utrecht, Holland. Her Ph.D. thesis is entitled, “Women in the Temple in Jerusalem.” Her academic positions included the following: visiting lecturer in Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem University College; Research Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute; and Professor of Talmud and Jewish Thought at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main and Wuppertal Theological Hoschshule in Germany. Dr. Safrai was chairwoman of the educational committee of the International Council of Jewish Women and served as a member of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research.

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Brad H. Young, Ph.D.

Dr. Brad H. Young is founder and president of the Gospel Research Foundation and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Literature In Judeo-Christian Studies at the Graduate Department of Oral Roberts University. He received his B.A. from Oral Roberts University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is one of the founding scholars of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Studies, working  closely with Professor David Flusser and Dr. Robert L. Lindsey. Dr. Young has contributed to scholarly journals and has long been a sought-after speaker in academic, church, interfaith, and civic events.

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