Our Vision

The Vision for Hebraic Christian College

Learning has always been sacred to the Hebrew people. From time immemorial, men and women of God—whether prophets, sages, and kings, or apostles, pastors, and teachers—have joined the quest to engage in the progression from knowledge to understanding to wisdom by dedicating themselves to the lifelong process of learning. The passion to know with a view toward doing is central to Jewish individual and corporate identity. Literacy and education have long been the hallmarks of God’s chosen people. Indeed, for them, life is for learning, and learning is for life.

An unquenchable love for truth is essential to the success of Christian education as well. Until now, however, the historical and theological truth that earliest Christianity was inherently Jewish, both in concept and in practice, has been largely neglected in Christian education. Christianity has been impoverished by its neglect of its Hebrew and Jewish roots, and Christians have been robbed of the richness of their rightful heritage in the faith of Jesus and the apostles that was firmly anchored in the Hebrew Scriptures.

This is why Hebraic Christian College (HCC) has created a learning methodology that is profoundly ancient, yet amazingly new. We invite you to join us today by sharing our revolutionary, world-class educational opportunity where we provide the most time-honored Hebraic biblical and theological insight with the most technologically advanced delivery system in the world. The vision for Hebraic Christian College (HCC) is to meet the growing international demand for a high-quality Christian education that provides students with an in-depth understanding of Christianity’s Hebrew foundations.

We believe that the most important aspect of the Hebraic roots restoration is its effort to help believers become more like Jesus Christ by imparting to them a clearer understanding of their Hebrew Lord. It is our desire to have a positive impact on our churches and world by equipping our students with the knowledge and skills needed to disciple others, helping them regain the richness and depth of their Hebraic and apostolic heritage.

The passion to renew Christianity’s biblical roots is fundamental to the vision of Hebraic Christian College. The curriculum and methodology that have emerged from this vision are designed to renew the understanding and lifestyle of Christianity’s earliest Jewish leaders, the doctrines and practices of the early church.

We have created Hebraic Christian College to enrich and reestablish biblical foundations of Christian thought, while affirming and building upon the biblical and theological scholarship of the apostles, the Church Fathers, the Reformers, and denominational leaders of today.