Proposed Curriculum Outline

HHCC has carefully analyzed the fields of Hebraic Roots Theology, Christian-Jewish Relations, Israel Studies, Biblical Languages, Christian and Jewish History, and a host of other disciplines to establish its extensive and diverse Proposed Curriculum Outline.

Levels of Education

HHCC’s Curriculum Outline includes courses for each of four levels of study that correspond to the four years of traditional college education: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.

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Residency Module

HHCC has plans for an Israel Residency module that can be fulfilled either on site in Israel or by virtual tours. Details of this module have yet to be finalized but are integral to HHCC’s vision.

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The HHCC Curriculum also allows for Electives, courses that students can select according to their own preference. These are noted in Levels 100-400 of the Curriculum Outline.

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Post-Graduate Courses

HHCC currently offers courses that can be used to fulfill part of requirements for a Master’s Degree. Doctoral Programs are also available that are tailored to the student’s interests.

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