Hebraic Christian College
Curriculum Development Initiative

Join us as we develop an exciting and revolutionary academic program.

Remarkably Innovative

Our Learning Management System (LMS) features the most ancient of biblical knowledge delivered with cutting-edge technology.

Surprisingly Flexible

Our academic programs deliver our learning experience with flexibility that focuses on and accommodates student needs.

Creatively Interactive

Our academic programs and delivery methodologies give professors the flexibility to be as intuitive in the learning process as is imaginable.

Radically Hebraic

Our virtual classroom, our biblical and theological courses, and our delivery systems are Hebraic—and biblical—through and through.

Profoundly Trustworthy

Our intellectual honesty and spiritual integrity provide theologically sound, historically accurate, and totally trustworthy learning experiences.

Amazingly Affordable

Our virtual classroom equips students anywhere in the world with tools to learn right where they are, making academic achievement amazingly affordable.

Filming Schedule

  • HCC Houston Studio A
  • HCC Houston Studio B
  • Israel365 Bet Shemesh
  • VFI Modi’in

John D. Garr, Ph.D.

Let us help you create an enduring legacy by sharing your erudition with our international student body.

At Hebraic Christian College, we are launching a Curriculum Development Initiative where- in we plan to add at least 200 new courses to our curriculum within the next three years. In order to fulfill our corporate mission of “Creating a Hebraic Model for Christian Education Online,” we have developed and deployed a world-class, cutting-edge Learning Management System which makes it possible for us to deliver high-level academic studies to students around the world via the Internet.

Now, our LMS is empowering scholars who have labored long and hard in traditional academic settings to transform their life’s work into an enduring legacy. By filming each scholar’s classroom lectures and enhanc- ing them with state-of-the-art multimedia presenta- tions, we can preserve and deliver quality education modules in truly remarkable ways by means of our innovative Virtual Classroom. Subject matter which scholars are most passionate to convey to their students provide HCC with learning modules that will inform and inspire students for generations to come.