Coequal and Counterbalanced: God’s Blueprint for Women and Men


God created woman and man so that they would be consubstantial and coequal and that they would manifest perfectly counterbalanced complementarity. The relationship of the two halves of humanity was to be one of love, mutuality, and fulfillment.

By recovering the Hebraic understanding of God’s design for both women and men, they can finally experience the relationship that God designed to be heaven on earth.

  • The God-Designed Two-in-One
  • Coequal, Counterbalanced Partnership
  • Designer-Fashioned Woman
  • Gender Self-Identity and Self-Fulfillment
  • Spare Ribs and Afterthoughts
  • Marriage as Heaven on Earth

Whatever your race, ethnicity, gender, faith, or social status, this book and the other five volumes in the Feminine & Free Series will literally set you free from misconceptions that have long perverted relationships between women and men. As you reconnect with the Hebraic foundations of your faith, you will rediscover God’s original design for humanity, and you will come to understand, respect, and honor the different God-designed distinctives, preferences, and roles for women and men that counterbalance and complement each other in mutuality and love.

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