Judaism, Christianity, Paganism: A Judeo-Christian Worldview and Its Cultural Implications


Judaism, Christianity, Paganism deals with important, even vital issues that currently confront both religious and secular realms. As growing Neo-Pagan trends challenge the very fabric of societies and their cultures, concerned citizens look for concrete answers. Because Christianity has been separated from its Judaic foundations, it has proven inadequate to deal with the challenges that face us on a global scale.

The author finds profound insights toward such answers in a biblically based Judeo-Christian worldview. This book encourages Christians to recover the holistic Hebraic perspective characteristic of both Israel’s prophets and sages and of Jesus and his disciples. Some of the topics discussed in this study include:

  • Facing Church and Worldview Issues
  • Judaism’s Challenge to Church and Society
  • The New Paganism
  • Witnessing to a Neo-Pagan World
  • Rediscovering the Old Testament
  • Prophecy and Public Policy
  • The God of Israel and the Soul of the Nation
  • Church and Israel: Common Vision, Common Voice?