Christian-Jewish Dialogue: Bridging the Gulf


Convinced that the Christian church will find renewal of its faith and life through a rediscover of its Judaic roots, Hebraic Heritage Christian Center sees dialogue as a way to reconciliation and mutual enrichment. With That purpose in mind, the center has invited pioneers in Christian-Jewish relations to engage in a frank and open conversation about issues that are of deep concern to both the church and Israel.

“There is a gulf which no human power ca bridge. But it does not prevent the comman watch for a unity to come to us from God, which, soaring above all of your imagination and all of ours, affirms and denies, denies and affirms what you hold and what we hold, and which replaces all the creedal truths of earth by the one ontological truth of heaven which is one.” — Martin Buber


  • Isaac C. Rottenberg
  • Marvin R. Wilson
  • JoAnn Magnuson
  • John D. Garr

19 Video Sessions on 5 DVD’s

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