Leading a Technological Revolution

HHCC’s Sophisticated Course Delivery System

The latest advances in digital technology are inherent to the whole raison d’étre of the Hebraic Heritage Christian Center (HHCC). Without the availability of such advances in digital technology, HHCC could not exist. Indeed, what we’re doing now with our online delivery system could barely have happened just three years ago.

Digital technology is employed across every area of course creation and online delivery. At the very beginning of course creation, our digital cameras and recording equipment are used to capture the exclusive teaching of our renowned faculty members. Thus far, we have recorded lecture material in locations across America and in England and Israel. Our editing facilities in Australia use state-of-the-art digital technology to put the finishing touches to all our video-based course material, and our creative art team in Australia employs up-to-date software to enhance our lecture material with quality graphics and online navigational aids.

Making our courses available to students online around the world involves truly cutting edge digital technology. In mid-2005 HHCC executives met for extended brainstorming sessions in Asheville, North Carolina, with IT professionals renowned for their ability to produce quality software especially designed for online video streaming. This software, using IBM’s Websphere Portal system, was tailor-made for HHCC’s rigid, speciality requirements and became fully developed through the remainder of 2005 and throughout 2006. From January 1, 2007, the software was used to launch HHCC’s first courses to students around the world.

HHCC is committed to continually improving its technology, especially for the benefit of our international student base. As part of this ethos, HHCC became the first major client of the revolutionary online delivery system of “Infinity Learning Solutions” (ILS) – the heart of the ILS system being known as “DigitalChalk.” DigitalChalk represents very significant advances in online classroom delivery, providing both high-quality output with particular ease of functionality for our students.

HHCC re-launched its courses on DigitalChalk on January 1, 2008, and is now being appreciated for its exceptional refinements by our students in America, England, Africa, and Asia.

Don Stanley, Ph.D.
Dean of Educational Technology