Listen to What Our Students Are Saying About HHCC!

Hudson Mukunza
Nairobi, Kenya

My Experience in the Course:

The course on Jesus Our Hebrew Lord challenged and blessed me to re-read my Bible paying special attention to details and also looking at the context of the time when the words were spoken. I have grown not just in knowledge but in the in-depth study of Scriptures, meaning that deepens my faith in Jesus Christ.

The subject on fulfilling the law helped me in areas where I had misunderstood the sayings of Jesus on the law. I can confidently say the course has re-oriented my thinking and ways of study in the Scriptures.


I found them good and a good length in the subject covered. It was exhaustive and clear. I personally had challenges on deadlines due to my internet speed problems. I had to try very many ways to do the Video sessions. I had to eventually use cyber cafe shops which were rather expensive and time consuming as the ones with good speeds are a distance from my office and home.

I have so far only done one course 104 (101) and hope to proceed to the next.


I was deeply challenged that the course is not “theological” in my understanding but just the study of Scriptures. This is so good and helpful and would wish many leaders and those in the service of God would actually study this. It is so relevant to my daily life that I did not struggle to think how I can implement what I was studying. It is also simple and clear such that even without theological training or interest it is attractive.

I am glad I joined the course. I pray for God’s provision to continue with it.

— Hudson B. Mukunza

Ruth Ann Ulrich

I am enjoying the class immensely! It has helped that I have read books on Hebrew roots before and have taught and celebrated the Feast at home before. Also having been to Israel 2 times has helped in my overall understanding of things regarding geography and history. In spite of this experience I have learned so much. My husband and I enjoy Dr. Wilson’s lectures. They have replaced TV for us. I find taking the test a little intimidating seeing that I am learning still on how to use a computer. All in all I find the test very comprehensive and a good learning. Dr. Wilson’s teaching on the Tabernacle has given me lots of ideas and information for the teaching of the class. I loved his teaching on Bezaleel.

Thanks so much for venturing out and presenting this school. I have waited 2 years for the school to start ever since I read about a school starting in Dr. John Garr magazine Restore! I feel this is what people are hungry to hear in the Christian church today

— Ruth Ann Ulrich