Christian-Jewish Dialogue: Bridging the Gulf

New DVD Series Now Available

DVDInsertHebraic Heritage Christian Center has now produced an excellent video DVD series on Christian-Jewish Dialogue: Bridging the Gulf. For all those who feel that Christians and Jews should be talking and working together in every way possible, this series represents a profound resource that brings together extensive experience from some of the most gifted dialogue partners. These are genuine pioneers in Christian dialogue with the international Jewish community and the nation and people of Israel, not only talking about dialogue but engaging in dialogue continually for decades.

Isaac C. Rottenberg is joined by Marvin R. Wilson, JoAnn Magnuson, and John D. Garr in lively discussion of dialogue principles in general and of a virtual “here’s what to do” for Christians who want to engage their Jewish friends in ways that are meaningful and productive for both communities.

The series features 19 sessions on 5 DVD’s produced, directed, edited in excellent quality by Don Stanley, HHCC’s Dean of Educational Technology. You can also view Session 8 of this series free or order the entire series at www.HebraicCenter.org. Special discounts apply to those who order both Bridging the Gulf and Isaac Rottenberg’s book, Christian-Jewish Dialogue: Exploring Our Commonalities and Our Diffrences, a Hebraic Heritage Press hard-cover production.