The Founder’s Club

Founders’ Club members may wish to take their giving to a higher level by joining us as Endowment Partners. This level of gifting is for those who wish to leave a lasting memorial by making either a capital endowment or a perpetual endowment. Capital endowments are donations that are committed to specific projects that relate to the college campus and operations centers.These include the following:

  • Learning Resource Center (Library)
  • Administrative Center
  • Technology Center
  • Electronic Media Center
  • College Press

Perpetual endowments are those which establish investment funds that contribute ongoing income for specific programs and departmental operations. These include the following:

  • General Endowment Fund
  • Scholars’ Research Fund
  • Scholarship Funds
    • General Scholarship Fund
    • Special Memorial Scholarship Funds
  • Department Endowments:
    • Department of Biblical Languages
    • Department of Performing Arts
    • Department of Theology
    • Department of Jewish/Christian Relations

For information on all of the above complete the form below:

    Partners in a New Quest for a Timeless Vision

    Learning has always been sacred to the Hebrew people. The progression from knowledge to understanding to wisdom has been the quest of prophets and sages, of apostles and teachers, of men and women of God from time immemorial.

    In the spirit of this ancient commitment to learning, a completely new vehicle is emerging to provide higher education for the growing renewal effort that is recovering the Hebrew foundations of Christian faith for believers around the world.

    Hebraic Heritage Christian School of Theology features a consortium of internationally acclaimed scholars, respected church leaders, successful business persons, and gifted technicians. We are renewing a timeless vision that is destined to strengthen the international Christian community and contribute to the cause of Jewish-Christian rapprochement.

    Now, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join our team as a co-founder of this institution. Some of our team have been gifted by God to develop a superb educational program. Others, like you, have been called of God to support this developmental process through your giving.

    To accomplish our mission, we must assemble the most gifted personnel and employ state-of-the-art technology with the highest level of excellence in every aspect of the program. By making a significant financial contribution to Hebraic Heritage Christian School of Theology during this time of development, you will join the ranks of those whom God is calling to be partners in this vision and co-founders of this educational program.

    Come, stand beside us. Join us in this quest!