Post-Graduate Courses

Part of the required core curriculum will be taught in Israel. Each student will be required to spend at least four weeks (either in one residency or in two two-week modules) in Israel. Courses to be taught in Israel may include the following:

  • Aramaic
  • Biblical Greek
  • Advanced Biblical Hebrew
  • Biblical Introduction and Textual Criticism
  • Christianity, Judaism, and Islam: A Comparative Study
  • Gnosticism, Then and Now
  • Hasidic Judaism and Charismatic Christianity
  • Hebrew Idioms in the Greek New Testament Text
  • History of Christian Doctrines
  • Overview of Mishnah: Rabbinic Studies
  • Overview of Targumim and Gemara
  • Pauline Theology/Johannine Theology
  • Philosophy of History
  • Research and Writing