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Jesus of Nazareth, Our Hebrew Lord, Part 1

100 Level — Dwight A. Pryor, D.D.

Bible course 103 features lectures by Dr. Dwight Pryor, the president and founder of the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies in Dayton, Ohio.

This is the first of a two-part series that focuses on the Jewishness of Jesus, as this might be better understood with reference to Jesus’ Jewish cultural context and historical and theological background. In addition, this series documents the humanity of Jesus as a Jew in a Jewish family and a Jewish community, establishes Jesus’ Hebraic worldview and mindset, and analyzes the Hebraic nature of Jesus’ fundamental teachings and practices. This series continues with Bible course 104.

While the requirements for this course have been designed for academic credit for undergraduates, a graduate-level version of this course is also available (503), as is the opportunity to view this course’s video lectures for personal development (without academic credit).

Required texts for 103 (for academic credit) include the Bible (especially the Gospels of Matthew and Mark), and three other books: David Bivin’s New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus and Brad Young’s Jesus the Jewish Theologian (like the lectures of Dr. Pryor) seek to better understand Jesus’ teachings in the context of 1st-century Judaism. Michael Wilkins and J.P. Moreland’s (eds.) Jesus Under Fire presents articles by New Testament scholars that collectively make a case for the historical reliability of Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus. Course requirements also include successful completion of sixteen online tests concerning the Bible, the video lectures, and the other textbooks.

Should you have any questions concerning this course, please feel free to contact its tutor, Robert W. Bleakney, Ph.D., Associate Professor, at